“ASKLEPIOS” olive oil 

“ASKLEPIOS” olive oil, bears the name of the Greek Mythology god Asklepios*. During the ancient times he was believed to be the first therapist using herbs of the Greek land in order to cure illnesses. Asklepios and olive oil stand for the beneficial power of nature on people’s health.

The Extra Virgin Oil brings to your table the unalterable nutritional elements of the ancient olive variety called “Olympia”. Hercules used the boughs of this tree in order to create the wreath for the first Olympic Games Winners.

The abundant sunshine enriches the olive fruit with exceptional ingredients that end up in the “Asklepios” olive oil. Researchers came to this conclusion and they also certify the existence of strong anti-oxidant elements, beneficial to the function of the heart, as well as other vital organs, besides their great nutritional value!

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